Sunday, June 25, 2017

EPISODE 48: Iowa Classical Music

Classical music has long been a part of our state. It goes beyond Dvorak's summer visit to Spillville!

"Music institutions and venues Iowa is also home to the Des Moines Symphony Orchestra, Des Moines Metro Opera, Quad City Symphony Orchestra, Dubuque Symphony Orchestra, Cedar Rapids Opera, Orchestra Iowa (Cedar Rapids), Sioux City Symphony Orchestra, Waterloo/Cedar Falls Symphony Orchestra, Southeast Iowa Symphony Orchestra, and the Northwest Iowa Symphony Orchestra.

"The three major University music institutions in Iowa include the Iowa State University School of Music in Ames, University of Iowa School of Music in Iowa City, and The University of Northern Iowa School of Music in Cedar Falls. Other colleges with music programs include Wartburg, Luther, Cornell, Morningside, and Drake, among others. Also, there is the Celtic Music Association of Des Moines. Major venues include the Civic Center of Greater Des Moines.

"The Nordic Choir at Luther College in Decorah has performed around the world, appearing in Norway, England, Germany, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, the Baltic countries, Mexico and the Caribbean. The Nordic Choir has also appeared throughout the United States, performing in well-known concert halls as Lincoln Center in New York and the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Additionally, Luther College has the largest collegiate choral program in the United States with almost 600 student singers."
- from the Wikipedia entry, Music of Iowa

And the Iowa Composers Forum (, created by 7 Iowa classical composers, features a musical festival and concert event every year celebrating Iowa's own classical works. It evens has a catalog ( featuring 144 classical pieces written by Iowans, many of which linked to a spot where you can hear the works!

So although I have an a classical tune occasionally on a podcast or playlist (, I'm happy to finally present an episode fully dedicated to the classical music scene here!

Two pieces had to be cut down for space, "Wellington Victory, Symphony" and "Entreat Me Not to Leave You". Full versions of each song is below on the post and each song's individual post.

IMSC posts and podcasts featuring classical music:

To download the podcast, right click on the link below and hit "Save as...":

Composer and mezzo-soprano singer Lisa Neher
Photograph by Mike Newman
For more information, click on the link below the track.

Cover by Mike Newman

Opening - Iowa Music Showcase theme (classical version) by Jessica Villegas

Song 1 - "Wellington Victory, Symphony" (truncated) written by Ludwig van Beethoven and performed by Jason Weinberger and the wcf (Waterloo-Cedar Falls) symphony

Due to time constraints, I had to cut some bits out of this song on the podcast. Here is a complete, unedited version:

Song 2 - "Weihnachten (Frohlocket, ihr Völker, No. 1 of Sechs Sprüche, Op. 79)" written by Felix Mendelssohn and performed by The Wartburg Choir

Song 3 - "I Will Not Leave You Comfortless" written by William Byrd and performed by The Wartburg Choir

Song 4 - "Siren (Waterhouse)" written by Randy Wells and performed by Mariya Akhadjanova

Song 5 - "Snapshots Song Cycle": "Crocodiles"/"Rain"/"Sneaky Squirrels"/"A Simple Request"/"Turtle Fence"/"Tuesday and Thursday"/"Spoiler Alert!" written by Lisa Neher and performed by Olivia Betzen and Nate Salazar

Song 6 - "Polymetric Phrygian Plainchant" written and performed by Paul Hertz

Song 7 - "Entreat Me Not to Leave You" (truncated) written by Dan Forest and performed by Luther College Nordic Choir

This song had to be cut down on the podcast for time reasons, but you can hear the complete version on this video:

Closing - Iowa Music Showcase theme (classical version) by Jessica Villegas

All song are copyrighted by the performers and composers, and used by their kind permission.

Next episode: I'm not really sure! Got three possibilities but waiting to hear from some people before deciding! But Episode 50 is my nepotism episode featuring friends, relatives, and relatives of friends!

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Home page:

Iowa Music Showcase is also on Code Zero Radio every Tuesday and Thursday at 10pm central time:

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

PLAYLISTS: A Father's Day Playlist

Sorry, I try not to put up two playlists in a row. And I try to put out a podcast every four weeks. But family going-ons got in the way.

I have it recorded, but I'm not going to write the accompanying web posts.

So in honor of the day today, I haphazardly slapped this playlist together so I'd have something up this week.

Happy Father's Day to all my fellow dads out there!

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

PLAYLISTS: Random Iowa Music BandCamp Playlist 1

This time our playlist of random Iowa music comes from BandCamp.

Our random picker has chosen experimental, electronic, and folk music for you all.

Hope you all enjoy it!

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Saturday, June 3, 2017

OTHER SOURCES: Lock N Load show and YouTube channel

Damn, I am started to feel like the kiss of death. By the time I get to a number of websites and such, it seems they have already died! Or maybe it's because I'm an old man and can't keep up with the cool happenings and going-ons of the youths!

I don't know, but here is a recently died website and show that featured a lot of bands from the Sioux City area as well as other parts of western Iowa and from Nebraska and South Dakota too!

"Before the Lock N’ Load Show aired live musical performances by local musicians on its Internet radio program, it was a sports talk show...

"It was a disaster, according to Foster. The interview didn’t go well and there were unwanted moments of silence – a rough start but the show must go on...

"The show has since found its niche with mixing comedic banter with fun segments like “Craigslist Missed Connections” and “Love and Lust Advice” while also including special guest appearances from local bands looking to promote their music. Episode 39 featured Johnny V and Big Earl from the blues rock band Premium Draft, who also performed live on air. The show brought in more than 1,200 viewers/listeners.


"But 'back in the day,' the show was struggling to find background music to fill intermissions. Mainstream music was out of the question for obvious copyright reasons, so Foster and Lock N' Load producer Brandon Sorgdrager reached out to local artists to fill that empty portion of the online broadcast.

“'In return, we would do interviews with them,' said Sorgdrager. 'We were looking for a couple guests to come on and join us and it kind of went into the music and that went really well for us.'

"After a while, more musicians showed up on the Lock N’ Load Show, which is now becoming a promotional stop for local bands. The interviews are fairly relaxed and time is not a big factor.

“'It’s a half hour to an hour of them getting to talk about their stuff,' said Sordrager. 'It gives the audience a chance to get to know the artists.'

'Guests talk about their bands while their music gets played on the show during breaks. Foster said the show strives for an “equal opportunity” perspective when it comes to music genres featured on Lock N’ Load.

“'With the different artists, we like bringing in different genres,' he said. 'We have something for everyone. We’re not just hip hop or rock or country.'


"Clemons does not consider himself a rapper, per se. He condemns lyrics with violence and drug use, so instead he writes about his experiences. Clemons makes semi-regular appearances on the Internet radio show either as a guest promoting his new songs or just another guy to talk. He said he’s grateful for Lock N’ Load.

“'It means a lot knowing that we have someone that’s here in town able to push the music as well as they have,' said Clemons. ''They get it mainstream and give it to other listeners and viewers. This is the best way for everybody to share what they love doing.'

"Thanks to Lock N’ Load, Clemons was able to share his music video for the song 'Iowa Anthem,' a shout out to Sioux City. The video has received more than 3,500 views on YouTube and has maintained more than 80 likes.

"Dusty Ferris, bassist for local pop metal band Left Astray, said the Lock N' Load show is a 'blessing' for Sioux City musicians.

"'Local artists really don't have a voice anymore,' said Ferris. 'These guys are working with local artists so they can become regional, too.'

'Foster said he sets up a page for artists that appear on the show. He includes the links to bands’ and musicians’ social media and music (ReverbNation, Bandcamp) sites.

“'People worldwide can find them, read all about them, listen to their music and know how to get their music,' said Foster. 'It’s bringing the local music that we have here in Siouxland and making it worldwide.'

'The relationships the creators of the Lock N’ Load show made while supporting the Sioux City music scene have grown over time, according to Sorgdrager.

“'The artists have a need for us and we have a need for them,' he said.

'Foster describes it as a “mutual partnership” and never expected the success the show has gotten.

“'We help them by getting their stuff out there and they help us when we need them,' said Foster. 'The promoting of these artists or bands is our way of giving back to Siouxland. We all have our ways to give back -- well this is ours and we want the world to know Siouxland music rocks.'
- from the article, "Lock N' Load radio show forms mutual partnership with local bands", by Christopher Braunschweig in The Sioux City Journal's Weekender

For the purpose of this website, to expose you to music from Iowa, we will be dealing mostly with their YouTube channel and playlists.

But you can check out their interviews here -

And you can check out their articles on music artists here -

But if you want to HEAR some local music, mixed with some regional and national acts, then their YouTube channel is the place to go -

Below I have featured only 5 of their many playlists that you can check out on their YouTube channel!

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