Saturday, December 3, 2016

Episode 38: Happy Hawkeye Holidays 2016, Part 1 of 3 - The Milk Edition

Well, once again we present you with Holiday tunes from and by Iowans.

And like last year, the first episode features more traditional tunes. The second will feature poppier far. And the last one more untraditional and risque stuff.

Although these songs tend to be mellow and laid back, we still have quite the variety with a world flute player, a choir from a Christian college, a gospel singer, a female folk singer, a female folk duo, and a recent Iowa Jazz Hall of Fame inductee!

So get your eggnog going, get a warm fire started, light up the tree, then sit back, relax, and enjoy holiday tunes as only Iowa can bring them to you!

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Opening - Iowa Music Showcase theme (Christmas version) by Dylan Boyle

Song 1 - "O Holy Night" by Jonny Lipford

Song 2 - "Jolly Old St Nicholas" by Mary McAdams

Song 3 - "O Come O Come Emanuel" by Dagmar

Song 4 - "Mistletoe and Magic" by Tammy Edwards

Song 5 - "In the Bleak Midwinter" by Tina Haase Findlay

Song 6 - "Awake, Awake, For the Night is Flying" by Nordic Choir

Closing - Iowa Music Showcase theme (Christmas version) by Dylan Boyle

All song are copyrighted by the performers and composers, and used by their kind permission.

Next episode: We bring out poppier Christmas tunes from our cornfed artists!

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

PLAYLISTS and OTHER SOURCES: Iowa Holiday music

Well, the game plan was to put out the first of my holiday podcasts, which will feature everything from classical and folk to metal and punk, But Thanksgiving and a bug that's been circulating my workplace put a monkey wrench in that plan.

So that will have to wait a week, and instead you get a Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube playlist of Holiday music made by Iowans.

Also, Locusic has a station of local holiday music too! -

If you know of any others, please tell me at and I will add them to the playlist! Happy holidays, everyone!

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