Saturday, May 14, 2016

Playlists: The Other T Party

Well, if I had my act together, I've would have had a podcast for this all set to go today! Considering it's been *5* years! And especially since this subject is all topical and in the news! Probably would have got me some extra exposure!

But I don't have my act together, so instead you get this playlist I cobbled together today from YouTube videos.

Five years ago today, I put together a live music benefit show to earn money for Transformations Iowa, the transgender support group. A friend cleverly came up with the title. "The Other T Party", since the Republican Tea Party was all in the news at that time.

I'm still rather proud of that show. It spoiled me, because it went better than any other show I put on. Didn't have the attendance or make as much money as I would have liked.

But I did get all the speakers I wanted, a doctor whose has a majority of trans patients, the head of Transformations Iowa, the head One Iowa, and a mom with a transgender child. Plus, we had two drag queens performing!

And I got 4 1/4 of the bands I wanted! I was proud of that line up! The only band I didn't get was Poison Control Center, but Pat Fleming did a pre-Gloom Balloon solo set!

And the cherry on the sundae? I met my wonderful and awesome wife there! (Okay, we had been corresponding via and email before that, but it was the first time I met her in person, so it still counts!)

So only the Ladysoal video is from the actual show. Afraid there aren't any other videos. But the rest are live performances from around that time by the bands that were there!

Transformations Iowa web site:

If you're transgender, feel free to send them a Facebook message  or email them at They're a friendly bunch!

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

OTHER SOURCES: Live from KURE (on Bandcamp and Soundcloud)

KURE, at 88.5FM on the dial or at on the internet, is the student station from Iowa State University in Ames. And it has an occasion show called "Live from KURE" featuring Iowa bands playing in the studio.

Past episodes can be found on BandCamp, Facebook, and SoundCloud.

Below I present five of the shows from the BandCamp page and the playlists of shows from SoundCloud.

KURE home page:

"Live from KURE" on BandCamp:

"Live from KURE" on Facebook:

"Live from KURE" on SoundCloud:

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