Sunday, January 4, 2015


Well, this is the first podcast. As such, I thought it appropriate to show some Iowa pride! So here are a few songs about our beloved state from artists of our beloved state!

If you want to know about the song or the artist, just click on the name...

Intro - Iowa Music Showcase Opening - Dylan Boyle
Song 1 - "I-O-W-A" by Demigod
Song 2 - "We're So Lonely" by Christopher the Conquered
Song 3 - "Fairfield" by Jefferson County Green Band
Song 4 - "Des Moines River Conference" by North of Grand
Song 5 - "Des Moines" by Stuck with Arthur
Song 6 - "Iowa Waltz" by Greg Brown
Song 7 - "Iowa" by Joseph David Soukop
Closing - Iowa Music Showcase Closing - Dylan Boyle

To download:

Here are some songs I considered putting on the podcast, but I wasn't able to get permission or just decided they didn't fit. But they're good songs and worth checking out! They're mostly rap songs because I was trying to get a rap song to put on the podcast!

"I.O.W.A. Nigga" by B-Rok
"Cedar Rapids (Won't Let You Down)" by Big Band DBT
"Hooray for Ames" by Smiling Stone Soup
"Hawkeye Yellow 1iA Remix" by Pzy feat Venomisc & Lexcano
"Middle of the Map (Iowa Cypher)" by The Teknitions
Comin Thru" by 816 Boyz feat Jake McDonough
"Vodka Sam" by Big Band DBT
"Iowa State Fair Rap" by Eva Anderson
"Iowa Majors Rap" by Paul Beckman

Added June 10, 2016...

Realized I could a YouTube playlist with most of these songs! So find it below!

And since I couldn't find B-Rok's "I.O.W.A. Nigga" on YouTube, I put up it's Spotify embed.

Also, I present with a video of "Hooray for Ames" that doesn't fit in with the hip hop!

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