Sunday, February 28, 2016

Other Sources: Iowa Block Radio

Well, day job overtime is eating into my podcasting time. So part two of the Peace, Love, and Stuff retrospective is going up until next week.

Instead, we present another edition of Other Sources, our feature where we introduce you to other places where you can find and hear Iowa music.

This week, we cover Iowa Block Radio.

They describe themselves as "Block Radio is the Only platform in Iowa Dedicated to the Great Artists who Inspire it. Our vision here is to bring you the best of what Iowa has to offer!"

And... "'Iowa Block Radio' Is The Best Source of Iowa Local Music. We keep our Audience up to date on the latest events happening in Iowa. You will also enjoy weekly interviews with some of the best artists in the midwest. Iowa Block Radio Is a gateway into the future of midwest music."

I would argue with that description. I don't even say that about Iowa Music Showcase!

But they are a good source for Iowa hip-hop and rap music, which is what they cover. They present 3 podcasts a week running from one hour to three. Five of the last six episodes were 3 hours.

On the bottom of the page, we present the lastest episode that came out as of the time of this writing.

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