Monday, June 18, 2018

Sorry once again!

Actually, I was circumcised at birth, so that is not the reason.

But my paying job is ending soon, so I need time to look for work, work that actually pays me unlike this website!

So until I get that squared around, you may not see a whole lot up here!

Now if someone wants to pay me to do this website, I will happily do so! Corey Taylor? Amedeo? DMMC? Iowa Partnership? Anyone?

Okay, yeah, looks like I need to get my resume in order and whatnot! Be back to normal as soon as I can. And if I can squeeze in a few posts in the meantime, I will!

Monday, June 11, 2018

DSM UNPLUGGED - Chris Ranallo on Jan 6, 2016

I fully admit that I know nothing about this show. DSM Unplugged, that took place on Jan 6, 2016.

I just found a bunch of the performances on YouTube and am sharing them with you. If anyone has any information on the show, please let me know!

Chris Ranallo is a singer/songwriter whose musical talent, songwriting ability, and vocal prowess have graced a variety of stages and venues spanning the Midwest to the West Coast over the last decade. His sound has been described as a fusion of John Mayer and Maroon 5, with heartfelt ballads and a funky soulful flare.

Chris' passion for music was ignited as a child growing up in a creative, musical family in Iowa. By the time he was 9 he was composing his own material on the piano, and at 12, Chris was playing the guitar and joined his first band. As a developing artist, he was influenced by iconic performers, including the Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Police and the Dave Matthews Band, as well as his musical parents’ artistry. Chris spent countless hours listening to his Dad playing the piano, and recalls being mesmerized by his mother’s “captivating” voice. He performed with rock bands all throughout high school, and went on to hone his musicality and performance skills at the University of Iowa.

After graduation, Chris moved to Chicago in 2001, and began to tour as a solo performer. He continued to pen his own material, and returned to Iowa to form a duo with Scott Kacher, a fellow singer/songwriter. Together they performed in Vail, Colorado in 2005, and collaborated on the album “Velcro Dog.”

Chris continued to light up venues as both a solo and duo performer. In 2009 he joined the band Decoy. The band developed an infectious enthusiasm among its loyal fan base. Their 2010 CD, “Nothing to Lose” has garnered well-deserved kudos for their tight harmonies and overall production in a fine first effort.

Chris recently released his solo album, “Exhale,” which features eight original tracks, and he is planning a tour in the Fall 2013. As Chris continues along his own trajectory as an artist, he will always be the kid that fell in love with acting and performing and will continue captivating audiences by sharing his stories through music and creating unforgettable moments with his fans, in the spotlight in which he truly shines.
- from his Facebook page

Thursday, June 7, 2018

IHEARIC PODCAST - Episode 26: Feed Me Weird Things (06/03/2018)

Carlos is back on co-host duty as we discuss the Feed Me Weird Things concert series with its director, Chris Wiersema! Chris brings avant-garde and experimental musicians from all over the country to Iowa City and pairs them with equally adventurous local acts, many of which have also played at our concerts and/or been featured on this radio show. Like the FMWT facebook page to keep up with their current season of shows, which started last month and will continue into the Fall:

This episode features music by:
Will Huff ( / / / /
Vero Rose Smith ( / / / /
David Clair ( /

Our intro music is from the new JC¤čjp album (relics)! Stream and download it at and check out the companion museum at!

Check out this Thursday's FMWT concert, where friend of iHearIC Ramin Roshandel ( opens for percussionist Sarah Hennies:

If you're in or near Cedar Rapids and want some free weekly entertainment, check out the Cedar Rapids Municipal Band:

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

YOUR OWN PRIVATE IOWA - Episode 30: Andersen Coates

"Hey, I'm Andersen. I'm a solo artist from Marion, IA, who enjoys writing, arranging, playing, and recording music as a means of self-expression and stress relief. I also lead worship weekly for my church's youth program. My main influences are various indie/folk artists such as Jon Foreman, the Lumineers, and others. My hope is that my music would bring you some of the same joy it brings me."
- from his ReverbNation page

"An independent singer-songwriter from the middle of Iowa, Andersen Coates creates a unique blend of heartland pop rock, somewhere in between the folky rock'-n'-roll of artists such as Tom Petty and the contemporary pop rock stylings of Coldplay and John Mayer."
- from his Bandcamp page

Last Thursday, Andersen Coates a student in the college of Design and fellow Ceder Rapidian sat down with me in the studio! Man this kid can play, what a fantastic songwritter and guitar player! From folk rock, to Tom Petty inspired Indie rock to Jazz guitar he can play it all! It was a lot of fun talking with Andersen and hearing about the work hes doing on an album with his father, I'm super stoked to get a copy and listen to it!

IOWA BLUES SHOWCASE PODCAST - IBSC 106 Saylorhill Sliders featuring Jon East, and Jono Smith

Tonight we hear new recordings of Jon East and the Saylorhill Sliders (Jon, Norman Su, Tom Gary, and Jason Kadiwhompus) and Jono Smith!

The Saylorhill Sliders were recorded live at Dam to Dam performing at the finish line in Coles Commons.

We finish the night with Jono Smith and two of his recordings from his new release Peace & Love & War & Peace.

Thanks for listening please subscribe, share, like, and comment. If you are on Podbean please Follow! Thanks!!!!

The Iowa Blues Showcase Podcast is a weekly podcast put out by Tom Gary, who has been a long time member and supporter of the Iowa blues scene through not only podcasts, but through websites, videos, live shows, and other ways.

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