Saturday, September 26, 2015

Episode 16 - Lipstick Homicide Retrospective, Part 3 of 3

And here, at last, is the long awaited conclusion of our ongoing saga of three high school friends from the small town of Coralville, Iowa, trying to hit the big times in the turbulent world of pop punk...

For Part One, go here. And for Part Two, go there.

When we last left, our intrepid trio, they had become North American superstars, bringing their feisty brand of pop punk to The Ottawa Explosion in Canada!

They also met their HUGE fan and supporter, Dan OlderMusicGeek, who would play a bit of a role in their lives.

And they reached a pinnacle hard to beat, by opening up for their idols, Green Day!

Where do they go from there?

Well, Europe, actually. Unfortunately, after months of hunting, asking, and begging, I have found no video or audio of that time!

But they also did a great and wonderful show, OlderMusicGeek's 50th Birthday Bash! Unfortunately, there is also no video or audio of this event!

But we do have some music from various side projects, including on from Luke! Yes, for once, in this whole retrospective, we actually have a side project of Luke's!

We do, also, have some live Lipstick Homicide music from a few festivals including an acoustic set they did!

So sit back, listen, and enjoy, as in Part 3, we cover, for the most parts, their activities from 2013, 2014, and 2015.

To read more about each song and what others had to say about them, you can go here.

For more information, click on the song or artists....

Opening - Lipstick Homicide live at The Lyric Room in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on 7-5-14
Closing - Rachel and Kate from Lipstick Homicide after playing the last PS1 Show

All rights reserved by the composers and performers. Used by their kind permission.

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Next episode: A dedication to former Des Moines Register music reporter, Joe Lawler.

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