Sunday, August 2, 2015

IOWA MUSIC SHOWCASE PODCAST - Episode 14: Lipstick Homicide Retrospective, Part 2 of 3

This is Part 2. You can find Part 1 here.

In part one, we covered Lipstick Homicide going from a high school band into a real, serious band. In part two, we see them begin to get some recognition. Go from a local band to one recognized and loved throughout the country, and even into Canada!

This episode mostly covers them, for the most part, in the years 2011 and 2012. This is when I started to get to know them.

I talked already about when I met them here and here.

And being entralled with them as I was, I invited them to play at the first and best show I ever put together, The Other T Party, a charity show for Des Moines' transgender support group, Transformations Iowa.

Unfortunately, I don't have any video or audio of this show.

But I was so excited and nervous. And they were so nice and under- standing. They gave me their "Isn't It Glorious" cd and one of their infamous pink taco t-shirts too.

And it was around this time, I learned and realized that they weren't just awesome musicians, but also really sweet and wonderful human beings.

And it seems almost everybody who knows them has nothing but nice things to say about them.

So I am quite happy to be able to present this retrospective as a way to pay back all the kindness they have shown me and their other fans.

To read more about each song and what others had to say about them, you can go here.

For more information, click on the song or artist...

Opening - Lipstick Homicide live in Iowa City
Song 1 - "Takin' It Back" by Lipstick Homicide
Song 2 - "End of Everything" by Sonador
Song 3 - "Kiki" by Kate Kane
Song 4 - "Yesterday I Was Talking to My Sister" by Joe Jack Talcum
Song 5 - "Fine Was the Night" by Samuel Locke Ward & The Boo Hoos
Song 6 - "Prom" by Lipstick Homicide
Song 7 - "Relentless" by Grism
Song 8 - "Calling In Dead" by Lipstick Homicide
Song 9 - "Wrong About Me" by Tuff Jerks
Song 10 - "The One For Me" by Big Bad Gina
Song 11 - "We'll Be Okay" by Lipstick Homicide
Song 12 - "Call It Art" by Lipstick Homicide
Closing - cat purring

All rights reserved by the composers and performers. Used by their kind permission.

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