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The Iowa Music Showcase is just what the name says, a showcase for Iowa music.

But it is a showcase for ALL of Iowa’s music, regardless of style, genre, decade, popularity, or location.

For the purposes of this website and occasional podcast, I am defining Iowa music as music made by a band or artist that was based in Iowa at the time of the recording. But I will also be including Omaha, The Quad Cities, and Sioux Falls as honorary Iowa towns, since they are so close to us, bands from these towns are as much a part of the Iowa music scene as they are in their home states.

The website posts are broken down into separate features...

IOWA MUSIC SHOWCASE PODCAST ( - This is the original purpose and reason for this website. They are podcast episodes featuring 25-30 minutes of Iowa music based on a genre or a theme.

PLAYLISTS ( - Exactly what it says. These posts will feature a playlist, most of the time being new material or material picked at random, though sometimes based on a theme. The playlist can come from Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, BandCamp, or ReverbNation.

OTHER SOURCES ( - These posts will just tell you about other sources where you can find and hear more Iowa music. It may be a different podcast, another website, a compilation album, or something else entirely.

YOUR OWN PRIVATE IOWA - This is an interview show from Richard Sutton featuring Iowa musicians. He records them at the studios of KURE 88.5 Ames Alternative on Thursday from 7-9pm. You can listen live at But it is also featured on our website the following Wednesday.

JAZZMAN JOE VIDEOS - Jazzman Joe has a YouTube channel ( that features literally hundreds of live shows from various jazz and classical artists, as well as other genres. We will feature one video every week on Friday. We will rotate between newer ones and older videos.

FESTER RAGE VIDEOS - Fester Rage also has a YouTube channel ( where he recorded several live performances of various alterative and punk bands, as well as some other genres, from September, 2007, to August, 2015. We will feature one live show every month on or around the 15th.

CULTURE MYTH - Chad Taylor has a website where he discusses the music scene ( He was the music reporter for the Cityview magazine in Des Moines for many year. We will reprint posts from his website that have to do with the Iowa music scene on or around the 10th and 25th of every month.

IHEARIC PODCAST and IHEARIC VIDEOS - IHearIC ( is a monthly concert series in Iowa City that has been going on for years. But it has grown to include a radio show that is also a podcast ( and that we include on Thursday after it's been broadcasted on uploaded. And they have a YouTube channel ( featuring many videos of live performances of various Iowa artists. We feature one of those every week on Tuesdays.

IOWA BLOCK RADIO ( - From Jan 11, 2016, to Nov 13, 2017, Iowa Block Radio produced 108 episodes (of 45 minutes to 3 hours of length) of a pocast featuring rap, hip-hop, and other music from our fair state. We present one of their podcast on the 20th of every month.

For information, questions, criticism, etc, write to me at

To submit a song, just send an audiofile to

Just to let you know, you can subscribe and/or follow Iowa Music Showcase at the following sites...

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Thanks! Hope you enjoy it.

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