Saturday, September 16, 2017

EPISODE 51: Iowa Hip-Hop and Rap 2 (and 3 episodes of the Iowa Block Radio rap podcast)

Well, we once again look at the hip-hop and rap music in Iowa.

There are other genres I haven't even covered yet, but the submissions are piling up, so here we are!

And if you want to hear more Iowa hip-hop and rap, don't forget about the podcast, Iowa Block Radio, that deals exclusively with hip-hop and rap from our fair state! You can find them at

They don't seem as active as they once were, but they got 105 episodes running from 1 to 3 hours, so there's plenty there to keep you busy. In fact, I'll embed the last three episodes on the bottom.

And just a gentle reminder that all of these were submissions, and you can send me your submissions at

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Iowa Block Radio:

To download the podcast, click on the link below and hit "Save as...":

Angle and Coolzey at Vaudeville Mews
Photo by Kristi Catrenich
No websites that I know of

For more information, click on the link below the track.

Opening - Excerpt from "Catch Me in Iowa" by Czheck Productions

Song 1 - "Let Em Know Part 2" by Chino ft Captain Smith

Song 2 - "War wit My Goonz" by Alan N Mary

Song 3 - "Good Night Bad Luck" by Chewy tha Hippie (prod nitetime)

Song 4 - "Integrity" by Moecyrus (prod Brotha Gif)

Song 5 - "Shutup" by Gutshot Chayce

Song 6 - "OMG" by Angle

Song 7 - "East Side" (clean) by King Meech

Song 8 - "sippin" by Phantom Flex

Closing - Excerpt from "Catch Me in Iowa" by Czheck Productions

All song are copyrighted by the performers and composers, and used by their kind permission.

Next episode: The first of our Halloween episodes!

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