Thursday, October 16, 2014

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The Iowa Music Showcase is just what the name says, a showcase for Iowa music.

But it is a showcase for ALL of Iowa’s music, regardless of style, genre, decade, popularity, or location.

For the purposes of this webiste and occasional podcast, I am defining Iowa music as music made by a band or artist that was based in Iowa at the time of the recording.

Each week, the blog post will feature some source - like a website, playlist, app, or some such - where you can find and/or hear music from Iowa. If you know any sources, send me an email at

Every month (sometimes more often), the website will include a podcast that you can download.

For information, questions, criticism, etc, write to me at

To submit a song, just send an audiofile to

Just to let you know, you can subscribe and/or follow Iowa Music Showcase at the following sites...

Home page:

Receive by email:





Please tell a friend about us!

Thanks! Hope you enjoy it.

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