Sunday, December 31, 2017

PLAYLISTS: Happy New Year's - Iowa Style

Happy New Year, everyone! And at long last, Iowa Music Showcase presents a New Year's post.

We have a Spotify playlist featuring songs about years, starts, beginnings, and ends.- and, as always, from various artists and genres.

So sit back and let Iowa music bring in your new year!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

YOUR OWN PRIVATE IOWA - Episode 11: Patrick Tape Fleming

It was such a treat getting to sit down with Patrick of Gloom Balloon and The Poison Control Center this week. From dissecting his songs, to some fasinating Iowa music history and stories of touring and the mysterious Bethany inspiration, Pat opens up on his musical career. He manages to provide some memorable and beautiful acoustic tunes as well!

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Friday, December 29, 2017

JAZZMAN JOE VIDEO - DMACC Chorus Ensemble with Simon Estes on Dec 8, 2017


Thursday, December 28, 2017

YOUR OWN PRIVATE IOWA - Episode 10: H.D. Harmsen

I sit down with H.D. Harmsen this week. As a huge fan of his music, specifically his album Papoose, i was pretty stoked to have him in the studio! We got so engaged in conversation that we both realized he had only played one song an hour in! Listen to us talk about the Des Moines music scene when H.D. Started making music, writting a song for his daughter, Our mutual love for Lou Reed and so much more! It was so much fun getting to talk to and know H.D.

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Monday, December 25, 2017

It's Christmas! I got nothing!

It's Christmas! And I already put up all the podcasts and playlists for this year! So there's really nothing to do at this point.

If you want Christmassy stuff, here's a link to all the Christmassy stuff we have -

Friday, December 22, 2017

JAZZMAN JOE VIDEOS: Sounds of the Season with Soprano Chelsea Smith at Our Lady's Immaculate Church in Ankeny, Iowa, on Dec 10, 2017


Thursday, December 21, 2017

YOUR OWN PRIVATE IOWA - Episode 9: Courtney Krause

Courtney Krause comes in the studio this week, and compleatly blows me away with her music. Emotional, real singer-songwriter tunes that clearly have a strong impact on her and the audiance. We talk about this and so much more with in the show, making for an amazing conversation about her new album, recording in general and our passions for local music. Oh, and I almost forgot...9 is her lucky number!

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017


What an impressive show QuërVo put on in the studio this week! Electronic music is something I did not know much about going into this episode, and honestly soemthing I didnt know Jose did, I had only seen him drum in Mumford's and play guitar with I.B.AIBU. I was compleatly blown away by his set, and the fact that he explained everything to me and the listener was a great way to show the entire set off. He plays and makes some really cool electronic music, as well as playing songs from other projects like Dr. Murdock. Jose gets really passionate and into everything he talks about, making for one of my most interesting episodes yet!

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Monday, December 18, 2017

PLAYLISTS: Iowa Holiday Music on Various Websites

Ho ho ho! Although we presented now with NINE different podcast episodes of Iowa Holiday music, we still have plenty of other music for you.

So we present playlists from SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, and BandCamp!

Some we have presented in the previous year, but all have been updated with new music I've found. If you know of any I miss, then let me know

You should also check out "A Conquered Christmas" featuring Christopher the Conquered and various central Iowa and Iowa in general music acts!

2015 -

2016 -

So have yourself a corny Christmas! (Get it, cus Iowa grows corn?)

Saturday, December 16, 2017

FESTER RAGE VIDEOS: A Testament of Youth (ATOY) at The Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines on August 31, 2007

Okay, this is the first in a new monthly series we will have on Iowa Music Showcase.

Fester Rage was an amateur videographer who from August, 2007, to September, 2015, recorded various live shows here in Des Moines, both from local acts and national. On this website, we will be only featuring the Iowa artists. But you can watch all his videos on his YouTube channel at

The first show he recorded was actually a reunion show from a popular 80s Des Moines punk band, A Testament of Youth, or ATOY as they were commonly called.

"Formed in 1981 by Factory Records aficionados Paul Standard and Dave Edwards, A Testament of Youth or ATOY (pronounced AE-TOI) were Iowa's first Post-Punk band. ATOY were Paul and Dave's response to the bland Styx and Journey-inspired rock that was prevalent throughout the midwest during the late 70s and early 80s. Looking to do something darker and more arty, guitarist Paul and producer Dave set out to forge a new midwest sound. Brad Roth, who was then singing in and playing bass for the power-pop trio The Blue Cruisers was recruited as a front man. With the addition of newcomers Mark Penner on bass and Lonnie Urich on drums, ATOY was set to play the now legendary 1981 2 day Iowa punk/new wave festival, Music For No-Man's Land. A surprise hit at the festival, ATOY contributed two songs to the 'Music For No-Man's Land' release, Roth's Television-inspired "Chemical Boys" and Standard's epic dirge "Requiem for a Priest". ATOY were soon playing gigs throughout Iowa. Due to differences in vision, Dave Edwards soon left the group. ATOY's music at the time was thin, brittle and experimental using rhythm machines, tape loops and incorporating short-wave radio broadcasts into their live shows. Brad's onstage antics were legendary, often getting the group banned from some of the more mainstream rock clubs. Paul decided to return to college late in 1981, leaving the band looking for a new guitarist. Greg Owen, who had played with Brad Roth previously in the Blue Cruisers joined in early 1982. Owen brought a tough, shredding guitar style to ATOY which propelled their sound into a more aggressive stance. Penner and Urich similarly toughened up their sound and Roth's wild stage persona evolved into a dadaist Iggy Pop. Brad's lyrics began to take a darkly poetic turn and led to him being called 'the Baudelaire of the heartland'. Over the next year and a half, the band began touring around the midwest to ever increasing crowds. During that period, many of ATOY's most popular songs, such as 'Stickmen', 'Creeps with Forks' and 'Cut and Restored' were written. The group gained in popularity and the now defuct nightclub So's Your Mothers, opened another venue, Mother's Underground, to regularly showcase ATOY and other Iowa underground bands. The volatile mix of personalities in the band began to take it's toll and in the Spring of 1983 ATOY decided to call it quits. Their final show was recorded and release on CD many years later. A videotape of that last show called "The Final Plunge" was aired on Des Moines TV... In 2005 ATOY were asked to do a reunion show. The success of that show surprised them as much as their fans. This led to the band resuming playing again. The volatile mix of personalities did lead to a couple of false starts, but ATOY is officially back together, writing new material and playing to new fans as well as old. Since ATOY never really sounded like anyone else, the band's music doesn't sound dated to new fans. New material has been written as well as a number of Buick McSnake songs being reworked into ATOY's sound...and then after a dozen or so gigs it all came crashing down. The volatile chemistry of the band once again blew up. As a longtime fan of the band remarked 'If everyone were mature and responsible, it wouldn't be ATOY. You guys have broken up for good before. Hopefully you'll do it again.' Here's to hoping that it'll happen again."
- from their Underground Archives entry

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Iowa Music NEEDS Net Neutrality - and So Does Iowa Music Showcase!

If you haven't been paying attention - or missed all the posts I've been putting up on social media - we are about to lose net neutrality, the rule that says all information and sites on the net have to be treated equally.

Without net neutrality, some sites could be paid to load and play faster than other sites.

And that means, those of us without any money, like most Iowa music acts and this website, would be stuck in the slow lane.

It also means that schools, small businesses, activist groups, and other groups with little funds who have trouble connecting and reaching the masses and other sites.

The only winners out of this would be internet providers, large businesses that could afford the fast lane, and people with money who can afford to spend it on a faster internet. The rest of us would have to take what we could get.

Monday, December 11, 2017

IOWA MUSIC SHOWCASE PODCAST - Episode 58: Happy Hawkeye Holidays 2017, Part 3 of 3 - Scrooge

Ho ho ho! We bring the last of this year's Holidays episodes.

And as in previous years, this episode features some situations and language that some of you may not want to hear. So you have been warned.

The rest of you I hope enjoy this last collection of festive musical frivolities.

And be back next week as we present a whole bunch of playlists featuring Iowa's own songs of the season!

IMSC posts featuring the holidays:

To download the podcast, right click on the link below and hit "Save as...":

Art by John Leech

Friday, December 8, 2017

JAZZMAN JOE VIDEOS - Soya Vista Jazz Orchestra With Gina Gedler at Noce on November 18, 2017

"Hi! I'm Gina Gedler and I am a regular to the Des Moines entertainment scene and have been performing for many years.

"I was born in Newton, Iowa and my family moved to Arizona shortly after I was born. Ever since I was a little girl, I always loved to sing and act up! (My mom and dad always said that I entered this world screaming! Come to think of it, that may have been my first singing debut!) Because I had no opportunity for lessons; I grew up listening to records, watching old movies, teaching myself the different styles of music, and the ins and outs of singing and acting.

"In Arizona I became very involved, during my academic years, in Drama and Music.

"I returned to Des Moines, Iowa during the spring break of my Junior year of High School. That was tough! But I immediately became involved in the music and drama department to meet new people. And that I did! After meeting the love of my life Mike, in my senior year of High School, we married a year after graduating High School and within our first 5 years of marriage we were blessed with our wonderful son, Brandon!

"In Des Moines I have been heavily involved in music and stage. With hard work I have had the privilege and honor of appearing in numerous musicals on stage and many various professional acts throughout the state and outside of the state as well.

"For the past several years, I have been enjoying singing in Des Moines as well as outside of the metro area, with my small combo of musicians, for company parties/celebrations and in various restaurant and lounge venues. I am also the lead vocalist with the Ballyhoo Foxtrot Combo and the Soya Vista Jazz Orchestra as well as a guest lead vocalist for several other local bands.

"I am a singer as well as an entertainer. I pride myself on truly enjoying and delivering what I am singing. I am very versatile with my music styling and offerings. I think a combination of those things is what helps make me unique. One minute I could be singing a standard, or something soft and jazzy, and then break into an upbeat number from the 70's! You just never know what will happen. I love the excitement and emotion that comes from producing all kinds music.

"Helping people smile, laugh, and feel through music is what I LOVE!

"It makes my heart feel good!"
- from Gina Gedler's home page

"The SOYA VISTA JAZZ ORCHESTRA is an eight-piece ensemble that specializes in the swinging, lounge-inspired jazz of the 1950s and 1960s. The band's repertoire features songs popularized by such artists as Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Billie Holiday, Henry Mancini, and Antonio Carlos Jobim. The music is smooth, sophisticated, and hip. Just the thing to appeal to the Jet Set."
- from the Soya Vista Jazz Orchestra home page


Thursday, December 7, 2017

YOUR OWN PRIVATE IOWA - Episode 7: Foxholes

This week Foxholes came on the show, and what a great experience I had getting to know and talk to the band! We were all over the place as far as topics go, from the bands origins, to shows they had been at, to getting paid $300 bucks for a gig, using paint for dinosaur music videos, jamming with Nels Cline, and so much more! This interview was a real treat and they played a fantastic stripped down set with tunes that normally don't get played on stage.

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Monday, December 4, 2017

IOWA MUSIC SHOWCASE PODCAST - Episode 57: Happy Hawkeye Holidays 2017, Part 2 of 3 - The Snowman

Ho ho ho! Welcome back to our second collection of holiday tunes for you.

Last week, we presented you with some of our fair state's more laidback holiday fair. But this week, instead of resting, we bring some tunes that are, at least, a little more feisty than the last batch. You have to wait until next week to get some with a little bite.

But these should cheer up any holiday doldrums you may have.

So Happy Holidays and enjoy!

More IMSC posts related to the holidays:

To download the podcast, right click on the link below and hit "Save as...":

Saturday, December 2, 2017

YOUR OWN PRIVATE IOWA - Episode 6: Jon Marko (Correa)

Week Six Jon Marko, a singer songwritter from Ames joins me in the studio! He plays a Sufjan Stevens cover and belts out a couple originals as well! Listen to us talk about growing up in Puerto Rico, picking up music because of a girl, and his other projects and new album about to come out!

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Friday, December 1, 2017

JAZZMAN JOE VIDEOS: Home for the Holidays with Max Wellman and Tina Findlay Haase at The Bridge in Johnston on December 20, 2015

For this installment, we present a holiday show featuring Max Wellman and Tina Findlay Haase.

"Whether it is at Chicago’s stunning Drake Hotel or the historic Hoyt Sherman Place Theater, vocalist Max Wellman is enticing music lovers throughout the region. With a sound evoking the likes of Sinatra & Connick, Wellman’s recordings & performances promise that the Great American Songbook is alive & well for a new generation of listeners.

When Wellman teams up with his jazz trio or his Big Band, it’s an opportunity to witness his talent on a grand scale. Concerts like his annual ‘Home for the Holidays’ have become a cherished treasure throughout the region."
- from Max Wellman's Facebook page

"Tina Haase Findlay and Brandon Findlay are bella soul. As a modular group, the duo expands with members of their diverse musical family, including international award-winning bassist Scot Sutherland and reknowned artist-educator Dr. Damani Phillips, among more than two dozen local and regional artists who regularly join on stage and in studio.

"As a duo, trio, quintet, or sextet, bella soul is built from a loving devotion to the kaleidoscope of sounds and styles that have naturally raised from the American deltas and heartlands they call home. And as they prepare a new collection of original work, Genesis of the Exodus, the Findlay's and their family are enjoying the blessings of lives filled with great friends, great art, and great love."
- from the Diva and the Deacons Facebook page

Thursday, November 30, 2017

YOUR OWN PRIVATE IOWA - Episode 5: Pink Neighbor

For the first week of October Katie and Erik of Pink Neighbor come up from Grinnell to do the show! We had a blast in the studio talking about how they got the name Pink Neighbor, the idea of touring and who they would want to open for, and we even discuss Twin Peaks. This was another fantastic living in Your Own Private Iowa!

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

YOUR OWN PRIVATE IOWA - Episode 4: Fertile

This week Austin, Dom, and Henry of Fertile or "The Fertile Boys" come into the studio for some improvised songs about little boys, crying, grochery shopping, and taking a drumset on a canoeing trip. Lining these guys up as a fill in band, I was compleatly blown away by their ability to improvise and write fantastic songs on the spot. Broadcasting over the ISU football game they only felt right playing "Sports."

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Monday, November 27, 2017

IOWA MUSIC SHOWCASE PODCAST - Episode 56: Happy Hawkeye Holidays 2017, Part 1 of 3: Nestor

Ho ho ho! Once again it's time for Santa OlderMusicGeek to send away that crazy Evil Doctor OlderMusicGeek, and usher in the Holiday Season - with a capital H and S!

As we've done on the two previous years, the first episode brings the quieter and mellower Holiday tunes, mostly folk and acoustic works, but a couple of surprises in there, a Christmas tune from metal guitarist Ivan Dimitrienko and a rousing version of "Jolly Old St Nicholas" from The Wire Frames!

So grab yourself some hot cocoa, Coca-Cola, or eggnog, depending how you like to celebrate the holidays, relax, and get into the holiday spirit with some Iowa music.

Other IMSC posts involving The Holidays:

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Other IMSC post with acoustic music:

To download the podcast, right click on the link below and hit "Save as...":

Saturday, November 25, 2017

YOUR OWN PRIVATE IOWA - Episode 3: Satchel Bruna

On this week local singer/Songwritter, Satchel Bruna, you may also have seen him as the fantastic drummer for Wiitch Tiit and Bleujack comes on my show. Satchel is a dear friend of mine and we tackle topics of 15th century literature, love of poetry, the process of songwritting and Satchel plays some amazingly beautiful songs gearing up for a crazy weekend at Maximum Ames Music Festival!

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Friday, November 24, 2017

JAZZMAN JOE VIDEOS: Ankeny Community Chorus at The Prairie Ridge Church on November 17, 2017

This is the first on a new weekly series where we will be presently videos of live performance made by Jazzman Joe mostly here in central Iowa. We will alternate between the newer ones and the older ones. You can check out all of Joe's videos on YouTube channel at

The first one is the holiday performance of The Ankeny Community Chorus.

"The Ankeny Community Chorus is a choir of 80+ singers dedicated to sharing rich and diverse musical selections. Founded in June of 2001 by Ankeny Resident Bill Konnath, the choir sings a full range of classical and contemporary music...

"In June of 2001, Ankeny resident Bill Konnath approached Steve Carstenson, Ankeny High School Choral Music Director, about interest in a community chorus in Ankeny. Carstenson was a little skeptical, but with Konnath's encouragement, agreed to consider directing if Konnath could pull enough singers together to make it worthwile. Eighty-two Ankeny area residents showed up for the group's first gathering, and the Ankeny Community Chorus was born...."
- from their home page


Thursday, November 23, 2017

YOUR OWN PRIVATE IOWA - Episode 2: Nate Logsdon

On week two of the show, Iowa legend and front man for Mumfords's Nate Logsdon comes on the show! We talk alot about Flavor Basket, and Nate covers many of his songs as well as playing some originals. We also talk about Maximum Ames Music Festival (held Sept. 21-24), how Nate got into music, and the creation of Mumfords.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

YOUR OWN PRIVATE IOWA - Episode 1: Ben Schrag

Howdy all! We are adding a new feature to Iowa Music Showcase, the interview show, Your Own Private Iowa, hosted by Richard Sutton, who interviews Ames and Des Moines, as well as Iowa, musicians.

At first, we'll be putting these up every couple of days until we catch up, then they will appear every Wednesday! You can also listen to here - - from 7 to 9 pm on Thursdays.

From host Richard Sutton:

The Pilot episode of our show! I have singer/songwritter Ben Schrag of the Cautionaries on! Listen to us discuss songwritting, the many influences of one of the purest voices in the Ames Music Scene, and A little bit of Taylor Swift comes in, because we are all "swifties" at heart!

All Recordings done in the Studio at [88.5 KURE Ames Alternative]

Monday, November 20, 2017

PLAYLISTS: Thanksgiving - Iowa Style

Howdy all! This week I bring a treat fitting our upcoming American holiday.

Here is a playlist featuring Iowa artists all doing with giving thanks!

Happy holidays, everyone!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Just what the heck is on this website!

Hey, all! In case, you didn't know it, I kinda take it easy in November to relax and recharge. So no podcasts, playlists, or whatnot.

And if you read the posts from last November, then this will be nothing new. Just updated to include the ones from this year.

But to help you get through November, feel free to check out all the labels and tags we have put on our posts both here, and the website that we use to give you information on the songs. All the labels/tags are listed below!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Leave me alone! I'm resting!

Okay, if you read the social media's "One year ago..." post or just remember from last November, most of this is going to be a rerun.

But in November, I take it easy. Do some behind the scenes stuff. But no podcasts, playlists, or anything else!

“Old man taking a nap” by krispdk is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Monday, October 30, 2017

IOWA MUSIC SHOWCASE PODCAST - Episode 55: Happy Hawkeye Halloween 2017, Part 4 of 4 - The Black Angels and Other Iowa Evil Spirits

Welcome back, you who dare come for a fourth and final installment of horrific hymns from the musical children of the corn.

We have quite the rock collection for you in this terminal installment, 90s punk, 10s punk, bluesy grunge rock, indie pop rock, lo-fi buzz punk, old style heavy metal, and just plain old horror rock. But all tunes to bring a chill to your back.

And to help with that back-chilling, we give you a little presentation of Iowa's evil spirits.

Some may not know this, but Iowa has NOT just one black angel in their graveyards, but TWO! One in Iowa City and one in Council Bluffs.

The one in Oakland Cemetary in Iowa City has many legends attached, such as that it went from bronze to black of the evil of Teresa Feldevert. Her husband's grave is where the angel sits.

It is said that any girls who kisses its feet will die in six months, unless she is a virgin. And supposably, if a pregnant woman walks under the wings, she will miscarry.

The other one is in Fairview Cemetary, or "The Old Burial Grounds", in Council Bluffs. This cemetary originally started as Native American burial grounds.

This statue is based on a spirtual being to have visited Ruth Ann Dodge, wife of the chief engineer of The Union Pacific Railroad, three times before she died.

The myths of this statue include that it comes to life and flies around, it shoots fire from its eyes after midnight, children who run behind her base diappear forever, and those who stare into her eyes at midnight will die early.

Iowa City musician, Kate Kane, did a song about it. I didn't put it on this podcast, because I played it in an earlier Halloween episode and I've already accidentally put one of her songs on two Halloween episodes! But you can hear it here -

At The Edinburgh Manor, abandoned now but once housed the insane, in Scott Grove, Iowa, a spirit< nicknamed The Joker, is said to reside. He apparently enjoys choking visitors.

And in Fort Dodge, at The Banwell Bridge or "Terror Bridge", you might bump into a floating head. This is supposed to be the head of a woman who hung her children from the bridge where they got hit by a train.

But watch out if you go there, it has been told that the head likes to try to run and scare people of the bridge. And reports have been given of a furry creature spotted under the bridge.

And before The Evil Doctor OlderMusicGeek leaves for another year, I would like to thank Dean Sturtevant for providing all four covers of our Halloween podcasts this year. Especially the first one, where he only had a day's notice!

So with those haunted histories floating in your mind, please enjoy the last installment of Iowa's tunes of terror....

Art by Dean Sturtevant

Sunday, October 22, 2017

IOWA MUSIC SHOWCASE PODCAST - Episode 54: Happy Hawkeye Halloween 2017, Part 3 of 4 - The Van Meter Visitor and Other Iowa Dragons

Welcome to this year's third installment of an enticing index of hawkeye musical horrors!

In this aural assault, we present an unique unit of punk, experimental, electronic, progressive, psychedelic, goth, metal, and industrial rock music to give creepiess and crawlies.

And to help with the creepies and crawlies, we present a little lecture on The Van Meter Visitor and Other Iowa Dragons.

Art by Dean Sturtevant

In 1903, apparently some smelly manbat creature terrorized the town of Van Meter, shooting a bright light out of its head. Bullets had no effect on it.

It was said to have come out of the mines. And after it finished harassing the town, it was never seen from again.

Whether it had anything to do with the strange "flying ships" with strange men that crashed 8 years earlier in Iowa is unknown.

In the early 2000s, Burlington residents saw a strange flying reptile with a 15-foot wing span and snake-like body flying over its town.

And supposably, the city of Grand Mound sees them regularly.

And sort of related, a giant crow with a 8 foot wingspan was spotted between Marshalltown and Nevada in 2009.

So some nice pleasant stories to think as you listen to the following tunes....

Sunday, October 15, 2017

IOWA MUSIC SHOWCASE PODCAST - Episode 53: Happy Hawkeye Halloween 2017, Part 2 of 4 - Monster Turtle of Big Blue Lake and Other Iowa Sea Creatures

Welcome back to the booful abode of The Evil Doctor OlderMusicGeek, as we present another netherlandish node of Iowa Halloween music. This episode we bring you a grizzly group of rock, pop, rap, and electronic music.

Also, a warning, some of these delightful diddlies have words and situations that may frighten the parents of wee ones!

If you weren't here last time, shame on you! But for those not in the know, each episode this Halloween is named after one of Iowa's own monsters!

This episode named after the creepy creature in The Big Blue Lake in Mason City. This quarry turned lake apparently has a giant sea turtle the size of a Volkswagen lurking in its depths.

But Mason City also apparently has a SECOND monster, Mugwump, that hangs out in The Ventura Marsh.

I don't know why, but northern Iowa seems to have most of our sea monsters. Okoboji Lake is also suppose to have a creature swimming in its lake that has been said to brush up against various boats.

Of course, The Okoboji Monster, might be related to the evil spirit that the Native Americans said was in the connecting Big Spirit Lake.

But our lakes are not the only waterways holding deadly danger for you. No, our own Missisppi River has a monster of its own. 

The Kraken, or Pepie if you're from Wisconsin, or Maneto if you're a Meskwaki, is a creature that is claimed to have terrorized The Mississippi River since at least the 19th century if not longer!

So now that the monster lecture is over, it is time to go listen to some spine-chilling Iowa musical tales!

Art by Dean Sturtevant

Sunday, October 8, 2017

IOWA MUSIC SHOWCASE PODCAST - Episode 52: Happy Hawkeye Halloween 2017, Part 1 of 4 - Killer Cows and Other Iowa Furry Monsters

Hello! Bwahahahaha!

Welcome back, you foolish souls who dare to tread in the abode of The Evil Doctor OlderMusicGeek.

This year, we have done something ingenuous! Bwahahaha!

We have given each episode more of an Iowa flavor by naming it after a monster that can be found in our quaint state, and provide you with a little information on said creatures and its relatives!

Oh yes, The Corn Spirit - whether you follow the Native American one or the pagan European corn gods - seems to have kept our state fairly safe from too many harmful creatures... unfortunately!

We don't seem to have an overabundance of aliens here, despite 3 "airships" with "Martians' chrashing in our state in mid-April 1897.

But like anywhere else, we do have a share of cryptids and cryptozoological creatures!

Some come in a furry form.

For instance, the cow! Yes, the benign bovine you moo at playfully.

Did you know this beast kills more people in the U.S. per year than sharks, alligators, bears, snakes, and spiders combined!

Makes you look at it a little differently doesn't it?

And Iowa also has its share of Bigfeet. Look at The Grassman, the plains' own version of Bigfoot, named because it likes to walk in the tall grass. - Though it would have been more awesome it had been made of grass!

The most famous case seems to be The Hairy Wild Woman seen in 1884 in Gordon's Ferry near Dubuque.

Also, our own Lockridge Monster has been claimed to be a Bigfoot or relative to Bigfeet.

Plus, we have had plenty of plain, good ole Bigfoot sightings here too.

Besides these Bigfoot types, we also have the shunka warakin, hyena/wolf creatures that carries off dogs, and phantom kangaroos have been spotted here as well!

So to celebrate this strange, furry animals that provide a little magic in our cornfields, we present, for this part, some acoustic and folky tunes that are bit bent and twisted.

Art by Dean Sturtevant
stretched to make into a square

Sunday, October 1, 2017

PLAYLISTS: Iowa Halloween Music (on Spotify and YouTube)

I won't lie, Iowa Music Scene! You have let me down! You are not deserving to be an assistant to The Evil Doctor OlderMusicGeek!

I gave you a simple assignment! And a year to do it! And still you have failed me!

Eye-gor from "Young Frankenstein" could do a better job!

There are still no Iowa Halloween music playlists except my own!

Am I forever damned to live an eternity of listening to Iowa-made Halloween music that only I have discovered?! What a sad and weary life some of us horror clichés live!

Well, anyway, you useless lot, I have again made a second playlist. Okay, it's first time to make this second playlist. I mean I made second playlists before. But this is the first second playlist for Iowa Halloween music. I think!

Damn you, lot! You have made my brain befuddled as your own!

*Sigh* Okay, I have made a second playlist of Halloween music from Iowa (and Omaha) music acts. This time from YouTube.

If you can't manage to make your own playlist, you can dare provide suggestions for mine at

I have also made a few additions to the Spotify playlist I made last year and have included it too!

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One year ago...
PLAYLISTS: Iowa Halloween Music -

Two years ago...
Episode 17 - A Joe Lawler Dedication -

Other IMSC websites and links:


Sunday, September 24, 2017

PLAYLISTS: New Iowa Music on YouTube 2

Well, it was moving day for me yesterday, and unpacking day today. So even though I had this playlist ready early in the week, it's only coming out now!

We have one of new Iowa music playlist once again. This week, the new stuff up on YouTube!

If you're an Iowa artist or band, and have a YouTube channel, send me a link at!

We start off with an acoustic cover, then a string quartet cover, followed by some hip hop, piano boogie-woogie, Americana, and blues!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

IOWA MUSIC SHOWCASE PODCAST - Episode 51: Iowa Hip-Hop and Rap 2 (and 3 episodes of the Iowa Block Radio rap podcast)

Well, we once again look at the hip-hop and rap music in Iowa.

There are other genres I haven't even covered yet, but the submissions are piling up, so here we are!

And if you want to hear more Iowa hip-hop and rap, don't forget about the podcast, Iowa Block Radio, that deals exclusively with hip-hop and rap from our fair state! You can find them at

They don't seem as active as they once were, but they got 105 episodes running from 1 to 3 hours, so there's plenty there to keep you busy. In fact, I'll embed the last three episodes on the bottom.

And just a gentle reminder that all of these were submissions, and you can send me your submissions at

Angle and Coolzey at Vaudeville Mews
Photo by Kristi Catrenich
No websites that I know of

Friday, September 8, 2017

OTHER SOURCES: An Iowa Noise Music Compilation

Although it doesn't have a big following, the noise music scene here is still strong. What the scene lacks in numbers, it makes up in dedication.

One of these days, I plan on doing a podcast episode on Iowa's more experimental music, including noise. But for now, I can give you this compilation put together by The Centipede Farm, an Iowa record label that has supported the noise scene for many years.

But in the meantime, here's a compilation put out by Centipede Farmer, who is well known to the noise and metal music scenes.

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Two years ago...
Episode 15 - Iowa Metal and Hard Rock -

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Friday, September 1, 2017

PLAYLISTS: New Iowa Music on Bandcamp 1

This is our first of many playlists featuring new releases from Iowa music from BandCamp.

This time around we feature indie pop, alternative folk rock, synth pop, and drony noise music!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Sorry! I have been helping the missus get the house ready to sell and get ourselves ready to move, so that why this is so late! Sorry again!

I was trying to decide what to do for my 50th episode for a while. I thought about doing my favorites, but I've played most of them already.

Then I saw that Brian Compos, for the Pants Off Podcast's 100th episode, had Brian Campos as the guest! I thought if he can get away with being so narcissistic, I could get away with being self-centered and playing a bunch of people I know.

So this episode features music acts that have either a friend of mine, a family member, or a family member of a friend.

Well, all except one. It has a member who has the same name as an old high school friend of mine. And I only found out last week that it wasn't his band!

So, yes, this episode once again proves it doesn't matter what you know or if you're talented.  Long as you have connections, you too - after 49 episodes and almost 3 years - could appear in one of my podcasts!

To download this podcast, right click on the link below and hit "Save as...":

Cover by Dan OlderMusicGeek using BitStrips

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

PLAYLISTS: A Playlist for Street Heat and the Eclipse

Sorry, again, running late. Seems trying to get my house ready to sell and going to see the eclipse didn't leave me time to do the podcast this week. So instead of the podcast, you get yet another playlist!

But you get two actually!

The first one one actually comes from another Spotify user, Zoey Miller, who put together a playlist for the Street Heat music festival going on the Sunday before Labor Day, Sept 3, on 4th Street in Des Moines.

I have to admit though, about half of these bands are from Minneapolis and one from Chicago. But I guess I can show some neighbourly love.

Street Heat website:

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The second playlist is just one I put together on Spotify to honor the eclipse. This one is all Iowa artists!

One year ago...
Episode 32: Iowa Electropop and Electronic Music -

Two years ago...
Episode 15 - Iowa Metal and Hard Rock -

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

PLAYLISTS: Random Iowa Music Spotify Playlist 6

Just another in our series of randomly picked music by Iowans. This time around we use Spotify.

And our random picks include punk rock, metal, soul, folk, electronic and classical music. Quite the blend this time around.

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One year ago...
Other Sources: An Iowa folk and ethnic music compilation -

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Episode 14 - Lipstick Homicide Retrospective, Part 2 of 3 -

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