Saturday, June 18, 2016

Episode 30 - Iowa Hip-Hop and Rap

This podcast episode is dedicated to my college student daughter who gave this middle age man a lesson on what trap music is with examples!

But I would like to point out that I still knew what EDM meant but she did!

WARNING: Adult language and situations are featured in some of these songs.

This week, we present a podcast featuring some of the hip hop and rap music being made in our fair state.

To outsiders, Iowa might seem a strange place to find hip hop, but if anybody does even half a search, they would find plenty be made here.

The only issue is it hasn't got the coverage it should. I'm happy to help fight against that with this episode and these 7 songs, and two excerpts of an eighth!

As a postscript, I would like to point out 5 of these songs are submissions. If you'd like your song, hip hop/rap or any other genre, send an audiofile or link to!

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Intro - "Catch Me in Iowa" (excerpt) by Czheck Productions

Song 1 - "Girl Rappers" by Gracious and kFc

Song 2 - "Tales of a Wet Dream" by JD Rosa

Song 3 - "The Movement" by B Hunt B Hunt

Song 4 - "Repressed" by Lyric

Song 5 - "Gone with the Wind" by Dylan Carter

Song 6 - "Trap Masterpiece" by Bro Senio & Cliffy the Kid

Song 7 - "Suspect Sound" by Unidentified Suspects

Outro - "Catch Me in Iowa" (another excerpt) by Czheck Productions

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Next episode: We get down and groove to the smooth sounds of Iowa's soul, RnB. and funk!

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