Sunday, October 8, 2017

IOWA MUSIC SHOWCASE PODCAST - Episode 52: Happy Hawkeye Halloween 2017, Part 1 of 4 - Killer Cows and Other Iowa Furry Monsters

Hello! Bwahahahaha!

Welcome back, you foolish souls who dare to tread in the abode of The Evil Doctor OlderMusicGeek.

This year, we have done something ingenuous! Bwahahaha!

We have given each episode more of an Iowa flavor by naming it after a monster that can be found in our quaint state, and provide you with a little information on said creatures and its relatives!

Oh yes, The Corn Spirit - whether you follow the Native American one or the pagan European corn gods - seems to have kept our state fairly safe from too many harmful creatures... unfortunately!

We don't seem to have an overabundance of aliens here, despite 3 "airships" with "Martians' chrashing in our state in mid-April 1897.

But like anywhere else, we do have a share of cryptids and cryptozoological creatures!

Some come in a furry form.

For instance, the cow! Yes, the benign bovine you moo at playfully.

Did you know this beast kills more people in the U.S. per year than sharks, alligators, bears, snakes, and spiders combined!

Makes you look at it a little differently doesn't it?

And Iowa also has its share of Bigfeet. Look at The Grassman, the plains' own version of Bigfoot, named because it likes to walk in the tall grass. - Though it would have been more awesome it had been made of grass!

The most famous case seems to be The Hairy Wild Woman seen in 1884 in Gordon's Ferry near Dubuque.

Also, our own Lockridge Monster has been claimed to be a Bigfoot or relative to Bigfeet.

Plus, we have had plenty of plain, good ole Bigfoot sightings here too.

Besides these Bigfoot types, we also have the shunka warakin, hyena/wolf creatures that carries off dogs, and phantom kangaroos have been spotted here as well!

So to celebrate this strange, furry animals that provide a little magic in our cornfields, we present, for this part, some acoustic and folky tunes that are bit bent and twisted.

Art by Dean Sturtevant
stretched to make into a square

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