Saturday, July 16, 2016

OTHER SOURCES: A list of websites, podcasts, and playlists for Iowa Music

Well, I posted this in a comment section on a Facebook status from Wamza ( had asking for websites and podcasts on Iowa music (

Here's a list of websites and podcasts mentioned in the comments before me...

Pants Off Podcast - https://www.facebook/pantsoffpodcast/
Iowaves Music Blog -
Grace's Notes -
DSM Shows -
Culture Myth -
The Bigfoot Diaries -
Band Bombshell -
Des Noise -

And here's my comment. It features some sites I've already talked about and some I plan on featuring in some articles in the future.

Thanks to Ashley Sampson and Wamza for mentioning my site -

 A lot of the podcasts and websites I mentioned before have already been posted, but here's some that weren't. Some aren't exclusively Iowa, but still have a lot of Iowa artists on them.

- Underground Archives -
- Iowa Homegrown Music -
- Iowa Blues Showcase Podcast -
- Lock n Load -
- Live at O'Leavers -
- All Lights Off -
- Iowa Hardore -

These are podcasts or website's per se, but you can hear plenty of Iowa music on them...

- DMMC on SoundCloud -
- David Derong on SoundCloud -
- Fester Rage's YouTube Channel -
- Jazzman Joe's YouTube Channel -
- Quad City Underground YouTube Channel -
- GriffleTV YouTube Channel -
- Iowa Metal Music internet radio station -

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