Tuesday, January 23, 2018

YOUR OWN PRIVATE IOWA - Episode 17: Bryon and Rachel Dudley

Last week Bryon and Rachel Dudley joined me in the studio to gab about their projects and the life of running a small record label out of Ames, Nova Labs. It was a great talk with some fantastic songs by the pair, and they even played some new records! I really had fun sitting down with these friends of mine and getting to know them better!

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Monday, January 22, 2018

IOWA MUSIC SHOWCASE PODCAST - Episode 60: Music from The Iowa Composers Forum

On this episode, we feature four pieces from the Iowa Composers Forum, a group of composers based in Iowa. These and other compositions will be featured on their upcoming festival in Iowa City on February 10. They represent the range of styles that our classical composers use.

Brooke and I hope that you will enjoy this exploration into Iowa's classical music. If you do, then check out some of the shows that The Iowa Composers Forum puts on regularly. The latest, Winter Festival of New Music, will be at The University of Iowa School of Music, in Iowa City, on Feb 10th. More information and links are listed below!

Before I go, I just thought I'd let you know that you can listen to and/or get the score for many classical pieces by Iowa composers on their website! Just hit where it says "Catalog"! Here's the link - http://www.iowacomposers.org/?page_id=112

Information on The Iowa Composers Forum:

The Iowa Composers Forum (ICF) was founded in March of 1987 in Des Moines by seven composers who wished to create an environment for the performance and dissemination of music composed by Iowans. Over the intervening years, the ICF has presented more than 100 concerts and tour recitals of works by member composers. These concerts have featured the performances of over 800 works of new music, including works by student composers from the elementary, middle, high school and collegiate level. The ICF has commissioned many new works, both unilaterally and in partnership with other organizations such as the Iowa Music Teachers Association and the Iowa Choral Directors Association. The ICF sponsors its own annual student composition competition, open to students studying at the collegiate level and earlier.

Information on their upcoming festival in February:

The Iowa Composers Forum will host a one-day Winter Festival of New Music in Iowa City on Saturday, February 10. Two concerts will be offered at 3 pm and 7:30 pm in the Concert Hall of the Voxman Music Building on the UI campus. These two concerts will feature new music by composers from across Iowa and the environs, including two young composers commissioned specifically for this festival. Performers include UI faculty, students, and the CNM ensemble.

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