Saturday, July 23, 2016

Episode 31: Iowa Soul, Rnb, and Funk Music

If you google Iowa soul music, you get the following....

- A whole bunch of links to The Iowa Soul Festivals, which is more about bringing soul artists TO Iowa than about soul music FROM Iowa.
- Links to soul artists coming to Iowa
- The album "Eclectic Iowa Soul" by Rod Dugan, who seems to be from Texas but looks like he came from Iowa. If you want to check it out, it's on Google Play at
- And if you look far enough, a couple of mentions of The Maytags, a mention here and there of other Iowa bands, and a couple of mentions of my hip hop episode!

If you google "Iowa soul music" with quotes, you get exactly 7 entries. Three are porn sites! Two link to The Maytags on Tumblr. One about Iowa folk musician, William Elliott Whitmore. And one about the writings of of a Ray Franklin.

Needless to say, soul and RnB, plus funk, are not produced widely in our predominantly rural and white state, But a few people besides Dustin Smith are playing this awesome genre. And I'm happy to present a few of them on this recent podcast episode!

To download (right click and hit "Save as..."):

For more information on the track, click on the link below.

Song 1 - "Why Me" by Dominique Morgan

Song 2 - "Are You Ready" by The Candymakers

Song 3 - "Spirit of Love" by Sophia Landis

Extra 2 - Videos of The Dick Danger Band

Song 4 - "Invest in This" by Soul Sherpa

Song 5 - "Beautiful Girls Put Yo Handz Up" by Polo Bandz

Extra 2 - Videos of Faculty Lounge

Song 6 - "Too High" (radio version) by SP3

Song 7 - "I'm So Sorry" by Dustin Smith

Song 8 - "Betsy" (live and acoustic) by Ladysoal

Closing - Iowa Music Showcase theme by Dylan Boyle

All rights reserved by the composers and performers. Used by their kind permission.

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Next episode: We drop some Iowa electropop and electronic music on you!

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