Saturday, August 20, 2016

Episode 32: Iowa Electropop and Electronic Music

Although it hasn't been as well known as some other music scenes, Iowa has had a consistent electronic music scene for decades. University of Iowa has had an electronic music department since freakin' 1963! Which shouldn't be that surprising since one of the first computers was built at Iowa State University in 1942! - Take that, hick state stereotypes!

"The University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios were founded in 1963, when renowned physicist James Van Allen (known for the Van Allen radiation belt) supervised a thesis project by James Cessna to build the world's first digital synthesizer." - from the University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios website

This department, of course, dealt more with the more classical and experimental side of electronic music, which we will feature in a future podcast. In this podcast, we deal with the poppier and more accessible stuff.

But even back in the day, some Iowans were getting into new wave and synth pop and creating some of their own music. Along with some current electropop, we feature one of the first, if THEE first, electronic pop bands, Soldiers in a Field. And some new music from 80s Iowa electropop band, Gallery of Voices!

So get out your glowy sticks or whatever you raving kids do today, and enjoy!

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For more information, click on the link below the track.

Intro - "Red Tide Texture 0001" (excerpt) by Gallery of Voices

Song 1 - "Spaceship Launch" by Reidwell

Song 2 - "Safe with Me" by Trouble Lights

Song 3 - "Renaissance Man" by Soldiers in a Field

Song 4 - "Bowlingsmith" by Jack Lion

Song 5 - "These Days" by Maids

Song 6 - "Just Let Go" by Centaur Noir

Song 7 - "Retribution" by Microwaved

Song 8 - "Don't Look Away" by Gallery of Voices

Outro - "Red Tide Texture 0001" (excerpt) by Gallery of Voices

All song are copyrighted by the performers and composers, and used by their kind permission.

Next episode : A tribute to former Cityview music critic, Chad Taylor!

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