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IOWA MUSIC SHOWCASE PODCAST - Episode 46: Iowa Star Wars Music, Part 4 of 9 - May the Fortieth be with You!

Welcome to the FIRST of our four-part series celebrating the greatest movie that was ever made!

This photo is from the 1978 Theodore Roosevelt High School Yearbook,
which carries no copyright.
The photographers are listed in the yearbook as:
Jeff Jones, Mark Tatarud, Mark Parker,
and a fourth name I cannot make out

And what, you ask, does Iowa have to do with Star Wars?

Not a whole lot! George Lucas isn't from here. And despite what you see on Facebook, Star Wars has been and never will be filmed here!

But a certain 13 year old from Des Moines, Iowa, did check out the film at the glorious, though torn down, Riviera/River Hills Theater! And he was blown away! And has been a die hard fan for 40 years!

A few years later, he discovered punk and the alternative music scene! And since that time, music and Star Wars have always played a central part in his life.

And it seems I am not the only Iowan like this! There are others! Others who actually know how to write and play instruments! And these Iowans have, like me here, combined their love of music and Star Wars.

And I am proud to present their work on the 40th anniversary of the greatest movie ever made!

I've also included a couple of bonus features.

Tom Hummer has done two albums of Star Wars related music under the name, The Han Solo Project. I've included the first of those two here. And I'll include the second one with the next podcast.

I've also included a video of The University of Northern Iowa Marching Band doing some Star Wars music.

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Cover from the 1978 Des Moines Roosevelt High School yearbook

Opening - "Set for Stun" (excerpt) by Echo 3

Song 1 - "Call of the Jedi" by Czheck Productions

Song 2 - "I Can Control You" by Jordan Mayland and The Thermal Detonators

Song 3 - "It's You" by Dagobah

Extra - "20th Century Fox Fanfare/Star Wars theme/Cantina Band" by The University of Northern Iowa Panther Marching Band

Song 4 - "Dagobah-bah-bah-bah" by The Han Solo Project

Song 5 - "Amidala" by Lame

Song 6 - "It Sucks That Han Solo is Dead" by The Emblem Faction

Closing - "Set for Stun" (another excerpt) by Echo 3

All song are copyrighted by the performers and composers, and used by their kind permission.

Next episode: The second podcast and fourth part of our Star Wars celebration!
Next week: Playlists, embeds, and videos of Star Wars related music by our midwest neighbors in "The Midwest Strikes Back!"

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