Friday, May 5, 2017

PLAYLISTS - (Non-)Iowa Star Wars Music, Part 5 of 9: The Midwest Strikes Back

Well, when I was looking for music for my two podcasts of Star Wars related music from Iowa, I came across some similar music made by our neighbors here in The Midwest. And it seems a waste not to share it!

So here is a YouTube playlist. It features:

"Tatooine" by Jeremy Massersmith from Minneapolis
"No Wars But Star Wars" by In Defence from Minneapolis
"C-3PO's Plight" by Kascade from Chicago

I also included a cover of "Cantina Band" because this Los Angeles, California, band goes by the name of "You, Me, and Iowa",

Plus a podcast, "Midwest Best", that features music from the midwest based on a theme.  Star Wars obviously being the theme of the episode featured here.

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