Sunday, April 17, 2016

IOWA MUSIC SHOWCASE PODCAST - Episode 28: Guest Producer Craig Hlas of The Iowa Made Network, Part 1 of 2

Craig Hlas is the creator of The Iowa Made Network website.

And I am going to le him describe that website in his own words from his website:

"Hi. We’re Craig and Jill Hlas of Cedar Rapids. We started the Iowa Made Network in 2002 as a way to connect producers, growers, and entrepreneurs across the state of Iowa with customers interested in their products. We’re just two Iowans who set this up with a lot of research; visits with Iowa creators at fairs, farmers markets, and festivals; and plenty of love for the surprising and stellar products we’ve discovered along the way.

" is a great way for people to find quality items created by Iowans! We’re proud of our state, and our mission with this website is to help make that happen.

"We’ll be promoting the Iowa Made Network throughout the year, giving people across the state and around the globe an opportunity to learn more about the exciting, innovative, quality products made right here.

"Iowa Made Network is created and run by Iowans to promote products created in this great state. We welcome any questions or suggestions, and we’re happy to add your listing to the site.

"Email Iowa Made Network"

Craig Hlas has been a big fan and supporter of Iowa Music Showcase. So I'm glad to return the favor and give him a chance to promote his website supporting Iowa producers and businesses in the same way I try to support Iowa musicians.

If you want to support this great state, give his website a look and some love -

As for the podcast, Craig Hlas has picked some of his favorite tunes by Iowa artists, and we're be playing them on this and the next episode.

On this episode, we feature some of the folkier and more laid back selection. Next episode will have some the poppier, rockier, and more uptempo selections.

Iowa Made Network home page:

Iowa Made Network on Twitter:

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