Friday, February 3, 2017

OTHER SOURCES; Iowa Music Showcase Live in Des Moines at Lefty's on Sat, Feb 4

Yes. that's right, I am once again abusing my power to promote my live show!


Because any money that I make from this show is going back into this website!

So come out and support this website and Iowa music! And please with all your friends, family, co-workers! Send this to your enemies just to annoy them!

Expand your musical horizons!
Discover new music!
Explore the wide diversity of music Des Moines and Iowa have to offer you!
For two years, the Iowa Music Showcase website and podcast has been a source to discover all kinds of Iowa music. Now Iowa Music Showcase and Lefty's Live Music present a live show!
Ten different acts of ten very different styles, displaying the wonderful variety and eclectic nature of the Des Moines and Iowa music scenes!
Late show ---
Danny Grause (country) - 12:30am
Foxholes (indie/shoegazer) - 11:45pm
The Paige Harpin Group (jazz/RnB/soul) - 11:00pm
Hallowed Hysteria (heavy metal) - 10:15
Des Moines Chamber Ensemble (classical) - 9:30pm
Early show ---
prettygirlhatemachine (rap/hip hop) - 8:00pm
The Dick Danger Band (funk) - 7:15pm
Java Jews (klezmer/Jewish folk) - 6:30pm
Patresa Hartman (singer/songwriter/folk) - 5:45pm
JC//jp (experimental/electronic) - 5:00 pm
$5 for each show, $8 for both!
To buy tickets ahead of time from Midwestix -

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