Sunday, October 15, 2017

IOWA MUSIC SHOWCASE PODCAST - Episode 53: Happy Hawkeye Halloween 2017, Part 2 of 4 - Monster Turtle of Big Blue Lake and Other Iowa Sea Creatures

Welcome back to the booful abode of The Evil Doctor OlderMusicGeek, as we present another netherlandish node of Iowa Halloween music. This episode we bring you a grizzly group of rock, pop, rap, and electronic music.

Also, a warning, some of these delightful diddlies have words and situations that may frighten the parents of wee ones!

If you weren't here last time, shame on you! But for those not in the know, each episode this Halloween is named after one of Iowa's own monsters!

This episode named after the creepy creature in The Big Blue Lake in Mason City. This quarry turned lake apparently has a giant sea turtle the size of a Volkswagen lurking in its depths.

But Mason City also apparently has a SECOND monster, Mugwump, that hangs out in The Ventura Marsh.

I don't know why, but northern Iowa seems to have most of our sea monsters. Okoboji Lake is also suppose to have a creature swimming in its lake that has been said to brush up against various boats.

Of course, The Okoboji Monster, might be related to the evil spirit that the Native Americans said was in the connecting Big Spirit Lake.

But our lakes are not the only waterways holding deadly danger for you. No, our own Missisppi River has a monster of its own. 

The Kraken, or Pepie if you're from Wisconsin, or Maneto if you're a Meskwaki, is a creature that is claimed to have terrorized The Mississippi River since at least the 19th century if not longer!

So now that the monster lecture is over, it is time to go listen to some spine-chilling Iowa musical tales!

Art by Dean Sturtevant

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