Saturday, May 27, 2017

PLAYLISTS: New Iowa Music on YouTube 2

Okay, after all that Star Wars stuff, it's time to relax. So you all get another one of our playlist.

This time, I'm presenting just some of the stuff that has popped recently on our subscription list of YouTube.

I follow all the Iowa music YouTube channel I can find. But feel free to send me more at!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

EPISODE 47: Iowa Star Wars Music, Part 6 of 9 - Return of the Iowa Jedi

Welcome to the last of our 4-part series honoring 40th anniversary of the greatest movie ever made!

We took a detour with the last 2 parts, one with non-Iowan midwestern artists and one that feature Iowa artists but wasn't really Star Wars music. With this one, we return to music inspired by Star Wars from Iowa artists!

And as a bonus, we feature the second album from The Han Solo Project below!

So let's join some Iowans on a visit to a long time ago in a galaxy far. far away!

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Cover by Dan OlderMusicGeek through questionable means

Opening - "Set for Stun" (excerpt) by Echo 3

Song 1 - "Sunshine" by Dagobah

Song 2 - "Get on the Dark Side" by The Han Solo Project

Song 3 - "A Dark Gift" by Jordan Mayland and The Thermal Detonators

Song 4 - "Luke, I am Your Father" by Keepers of the Carpet

Song 5 - "The Ones" by Dagobah

Song 6 - "That's No Moon" by The Han Solo Project

Song 7 - "Set for Stun" by Echo 3

Closing - "Set for Stun" (another excerpt) by Echo 3

All song are copyrighted by the performers and composers, and used by their kind permission.


Next episode: A look at classical music coming out of Iowa!

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