Saturday, December 2, 2017

YOUR OWN PRIVATE IOWA - Episode 6: Jon Marko (Correa)

Week Six Jon Marko, a singer songwritter from Ames joins me in the studio! He plays a Sufjan Stevens cover and belts out a couple originals as well! Listen to us talk about growing up in Puerto Rico, picking up music because of a girl, and his other projects and new album about to come out!

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Friday, December 1, 2017

JAZZMAN JOE VIDEOS: Home for the Holidays with Max Wellman and Tina Findlay Haase at The Bridge in Johnston on December 20, 2015

For this installment, we present a holiday show featuring Max Wellman and Tina Findlay Haase.

"Whether it is at Chicago’s stunning Drake Hotel or the historic Hoyt Sherman Place Theater, vocalist Max Wellman is enticing music lovers throughout the region. With a sound evoking the likes of Sinatra & Connick, Wellman’s recordings & performances promise that the Great American Songbook is alive & well for a new generation of listeners.

When Wellman teams up with his jazz trio or his Big Band, it’s an opportunity to witness his talent on a grand scale. Concerts like his annual ‘Home for the Holidays’ have become a cherished treasure throughout the region."
- from Max Wellman's Facebook page

"Tina Haase Findlay and Brandon Findlay are bella soul. As a modular group, the duo expands with members of their diverse musical family, including international award-winning bassist Scot Sutherland and reknowned artist-educator Dr. Damani Phillips, among more than two dozen local and regional artists who regularly join on stage and in studio.

"As a duo, trio, quintet, or sextet, bella soul is built from a loving devotion to the kaleidoscope of sounds and styles that have naturally raised from the American deltas and heartlands they call home. And as they prepare a new collection of original work, Genesis of the Exodus, the Findlay's and their family are enjoying the blessings of lives filled with great friends, great art, and great love."
- from the Diva and the Deacons Facebook page

Thursday, November 30, 2017

YOUR OWN PRIVATE IOWA - Episode 5: Pink Neighbor

For the first week of October Katie and Erik of Pink Neighbor come up from Grinnell to do the show! We had a blast in the studio talking about how they got the name Pink Neighbor, the idea of touring and who they would want to open for, and we even discuss Twin Peaks. This was another fantastic living in Your Own Private Iowa!

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

YOUR OWN PRIVATE IOWA - Episode 4: Fertile

This week Austin, Dom, and Henry of Fertile or "The Fertile Boys" come into the studio for some improvised songs about little boys, crying, grochery shopping, and taking a drumset on a canoeing trip. Lining these guys up as a fill in band, I was compleatly blown away by their ability to improvise and write fantastic songs on the spot. Broadcasting over the ISU football game they only felt right playing "Sports."

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Monday, November 27, 2017

IOWA MUSIC SHOWCASE PODCAST - Episode 56: Happy Hawkeye Holidays 2017, Part 1 of 3: Nestor

Ho ho ho! Once again it's time for Santa OlderMusicGeek to send away that crazy Evil Doctor OlderMusicGeek, and usher in the Holiday Season - with a capital H and S!

As we've done on the two previous years, the first episode brings the quieter and mellower Holiday tunes, mostly folk and acoustic works, but a couple of surprises in there, a Christmas tune from metal guitarist Ivan Dimitrienko and a rousing version of "Jolly Old St Nicholas" from The Wire Frames!

So grab yourself some hot cocoa, Coca-Cola, or eggnog, depending how you like to celebrate the holidays, relax, and get into the holiday spirit with some Iowa music.

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