Sunday, October 4, 2015

​ Episode 17 - A Joe Lawler Dedication

​If you don't know who Joe Lawler is, you're either not part of the central Iowa music scene or extremely out of it.

Joe recently quit, after 10 years, as the music reporter for Juice and The Des Moines Register, to concentrate on raising his family.

Many, on Facebook and elsewhere, have said their good byes and wished him well. But I felt he needed a little more.

So I put together this episode, using an article he wrote as a farewell, Joe Lawler's 12 favorite music moments with Juice, as inspiration, as well as asking a few folks from the Des Moines music scene to write a few words and choose a song to dedicate to Joe.

I couldn't get the rights to a few of the songs, so they aren't on the podcast. But I did include a video or audio embed in the blog post.

To read what everyone had to say about Joe and his Iowa-related favorite moments, go here -

So, Joe, my fellow family man, comic book nerd, and music geek, this is for you...

For more information, click on the song or artists....

Opening - Juice song
Extra 1 - "Golddigger" by Murder Earth (Chad Taylor's dedication)
Song 1 - "Rhinemaidens" by The Envy Corps
Song 2 - "Infestation" by Dead Horse Trauma
Song 3 - "The Greatest Record Ever In The History of Pop Music" by Christopher the Conquered (Patrick Fleming's dedication)
Song 4 - "Pain" by La Strange
Song 5 - "Anthem" by The Maytags (Brian Campos's dedication)
Extra 2 - "Disconnect the Dots" by Of Montreal (Amedeo Rossi's dedication)
Song 6 - "Fuck Joe Lawler" by $trick9 / Song 7 - "Joe vs $trick9" by Joe Lawler
Closing - Juice song 2

All rights reserved by the composers and performers. Used by their kind permission.

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