Sunday, April 2, 2017

OTHER SOURCES: DMMC'S 2006 compilation album

Since we recently covered the CarpeDM albums put out by The DMMC (Des Moines Music Coalition), with The Greater Des Moines Partnership, I thought we should cover an earlier work The DMMC did.

Turns out the CarpeDM albums were not The DMMC's first foray into compilation albums. Back when The DMMC first started, they came out with a compilation of Des Moines and Iowa artists called "Hear We Go".

From the BandCamp website:
"The hear and now. Here's to no more excuses. From the industry. Or the fans. Here's to no longer blaming the state for our state of mind. Here's to never being so close-minded that you can't believe for one tiny second that a single CD can put an entire city on the map. Here's to those who know good music can come from anywhere. And, to all of the naysayers, the never doers and the doubters who say it won't happen here. To those who say here is nowhere. Here it is. Hear we go.

"Special thanks: To the members of the DMMC, to our supporters, and to the musicians that enrich our lives and believe that a rising tide lifts all boats."

And for the 10th anniversary, the album was put on BandCamp. Thanks to the suggestion and urging of Iowa Music Showcase! And you can download it for FREE!

So go get yourself a taste of what was cool and happening in Des Moines's alternative music scene a decade ago!

"Hear We Go" on BandCamp:

DMMC home page:

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