Saturday, October 22, 2016

IOWA MUSIC SHOWCASE PODCAST - Episode 36: Happy Hawkeye Halloween 2016, Part 3 of 4 - The Lightning Strikes

Oh my god! And trust me, you wouldn't like my god!

You STILL come back to my humble abode! My sanctum sanctorum! By hairy hosts of Hogguth, you all are a stubborn lot!

But be warned, some of these tales deal with subjects and matters - and swear words - that some of you delicate types will whine and cry about! So if you are such a wimpering type, leave now! You have been warned!

For the rest of you foolhardy followers, we present tales of terror featuring blood suckers, strange children, mass murderers, and parricidals!


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Opening - Iowa Music Showcase Halloween theme by Ross Kendall

Song 1 - "Black Witch" by The Starry Nights

Song 2 - "Wapsipinicon" by The Mayflies

Song 3 - "The Way That I Live" by Mumford's

Song 4 - "Under Porches, Beds & Stairs" by Oh Possum

Song 5 - "Alexander" by Angers/Powers

Closing - Iowa Music Showcase Halloween theme 2 by Jessica Villegas

All song are copyrighted by the performers and composers, and used by their kind permission.

Next episode: The last of tuneful terrors, if you dare!!!

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