Thursday, December 17, 2015

Episode 21: Happy Hawkeye Holidays 2015, the Flurries Edition

I know some folks don't like Christmas music. Well too bad! Cus I do!

So I presenting THREE whole episodes of holiday tunes!

The first features lighter and more traditional fare. The second features a little rougher, rockier fare. And the last features Chrstmas tunes with adult situations and language.

I want to thank all the artists who sent me works to use or gave me permission to use their work.

And a big thank you to the artists who sent me work that hadn't been released or who recorded something just for these episodes.

For more information, click on the link below the song and artist...

Opening - Iowa Music Showcase theme (Christmas version) by Dylan Boyle
Song 1 - "Greensleeves" by Jonny Lipford
Song 2 - "Silent Night/O Holy Night" by Juan Lively and Lee Jones
Song 3 - "Nutcracker Suite" by Jim McDonough and His Orchestra & Singers
Extra - "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and "What Are You Doing on New Year's Eve" by Max Wellman
Song 4 - "Here We Come A'Wassailing" by Seedlings
Song 5 - "Carol of the Bells" by Billy Catone
Song 6 - "Here on Christmas" by The Dennis Wayne Gang
Song 7 - "Zimstange" by Michael Martin
Closing - Iowa Music Showcase theme (Christmas version) by Dylan Boyle

All rights reserved by the composers and performers. Used by their kind permission.

To download (right click and hit "Save as..."):

Next episode: The second of three Christmas episodes!

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