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IOWA MUSIC SHOWCASE PODCAST - Episode 61: Music of Sump Pump Records, Part 1 of 2

This month on the Iowa Music Showcase podcast, we present to you a sampling of some of the offerings you can find from Des Moines record label, Sump Pump Records.

This actually started with Chuck Hoffman of Sump Pump sending me a few submissions. So I suggested he send a few more and we could do an episode. He and one of his partners in crime at Sump Pump, Tom Reelitz, ended up sending me enough material for two episodes!

So, if any of you are involved in a record label based somewhere in our fair state, feel free to get a hold of me here at! I'll be happy to promote any of your Iowa (or Omaha, Quad Cities, and Sioux Falls) artists!

Cover by Stutterin Jimmy

But back to Sump Pump Records!

"The story of Sump Pump Records officially begins in 1998 when Dan Hutchison and Bill Heard formed the label to release the debut 7" EP of Why Make Clocks, then a duo of Hutchison and Brian Wiksell. A second release, Chad O'Neal's Evolution No. 9 CD, followed in 2001 before the label went dormant as its proprietors focused on their bands.

"In 2013, Hutchison embarked on a project of his own devising to release a compilation of music from artists based in Des Moines recorded entirely on 4-track cassette. Recording the majority of the tracks himself in his own basement, Hutchison enlisted Wiksell and a few other trusted former members of Why Make Clocks to re-launch Sump Pump Records for its release.

"Since then, Sump Pump Records has produced an eclectic selection of vinyl releases, and amassed a distribution inventory of other releases, largely by artists based in, rooted in, or connected in some way with the label's home state of Iowa, all available through their online store at"
- from an email sent to us

Sump Pump Records home page:

Sump Pump Records on Facebook:

Sump Pump Records on Bandcamp:

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Cover by Stutterin Jimmy

For more information on each track and the artists, click on the link below the track.

Opening - Iowa Music Showcase theme by Dylan Boyle

Song 1 - "The Punchline" by Chad O'Neall

Song 2 - "Wulf" by Goldblums

Song 3 - "Crazy Days" by A is Jump

Song 4 - "Dinosaur Park" by Skin of Earth

Song 5 - "Vermillion" by Annalibera

Song 6 - "Rock On" by Broken Ones

Song 7 - "Dream of a Surface" by Druids

Song 8 - "I Made You a Card" by Karen Meat & The Computer

Closing - Iowa Music Showcase theme by Dylan Boyle

All songs, artwork, and photography are copyrighted by the performers, composers, artists, and photographers, and used by their kind permission.

Next episode: We present the second half of our presentation of the music of Sump Pump Records!


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