Thursday, October 16, 2014

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The Iowa Music Showcase is just what the name says, a showcase for Iowa music.

But it is a showcase for ALL of Iowa’s music, regardless of style, genre, decade, popularity, or location.

For the purposes of this webiste and occasional podcast, I am defining Iowa music as music made by a band or artist that was based in Iowa at the time of the recording.

Each week, the blog post will feature some source - like a website, playlist, app, or some such - where you can find and/or hear music from Iowa. If you know any sources, send me an email at

Every month (sometimes more often), the website will include a podcast that you can download.

For information, questions, criticism, etc, write to me at

To submit a song, just send an audiofile to

Just to let you know, you can subscribe and/or follow Iowa Music Showcase at the following sites...

Home page:

Receive by email:





Please tell a friend about us!

Thanks! Hope you enjoy it.

A test of The Emergency Podcasting System

This is a test. OlderMusicGeek is conducting a test of the Emergency Podcast System. For the next sixty seconds, this podcast will conduct a test of the Emergency Podcast System. The following is a test of the Emergency Podcast System. This is only a test. This is a test of the Emergency Podcast System. This podcaster of your area in voluntary cooperation with the FCC and federal, state, local and other authorities have developed this system to keep you informed in the event of an actual show. If this had been an actual show, the Music Signal you would hear would have included official information, news, or instructions. You would have been instructed where to tune to for one of the podcast sites in your area for news and official information. This show is testing its Emergency Podcast System equipment. The EPS will soon be replaced with an Iowa music showcase; the show will provide timely Iowa music. Websites of The OlderMusicGeek serve all operational areas in Iowa and the world. This concludes this test of the Emergency Podcast System.

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